The Association
The name of the Association shall be “Ballycanew/Ballyoughter Community Development Association”, hereafter called The Association.

1. To provide an Association in which all residents of the community, in co-operation with existing local voluntary, sporting and cultural organisations, can meet together, make plans, develop policies and provide facilities for the benefit of all sectors of the community.

  1. To carry out the business of the Association in a manner which is open, transparent and accountable to all residents of the community and for the common good.
  2. To sustain and continue the traditions of community spirit, good neighbourliness, voluntary effort and self-reliance.


4. To assess the needs of the community, draw up a draft Community Development Plan and present it to the community at a General Meeting for discussion and approval.

  1. To implement the approved Community Development Plan with any amendments, in co-operation with existing local voluntary, sporting and cultural organisations.
  2. To monitor and maintain projects carried out as part of the Community Development Plan.
  3. To review the Community Development Plan on an ongoing basis.
  4. To raise funds, obtain grants, make borrowings and acquire property for the execution of projects outlined in the Community Development Plan as approved by a General Meeting of the Association. Any assets acquired will be vested in the Association for the benefit of all the community.
  5. To make representations, as it sees fit, on behalf of the community, to Wexford County Council, Wexford County Development Board and other relevant state and local agencies on common issues that affect the local community.


10. Membership of the Association is open to residents of the parish of Ballycanew/Ballyoughter. Members of any group which fulfils the Association’s requirements may apply for membership of the Association.

  1. An A.G.M. open to all members will be held in September of each year. The committee shall circulate an agenda, annual report and detailed financial report at least 14 days in advance of the AGM.
  2. A Special General Meeting of the Association can be called at any time by a motion signed by more than 50% of the members. At least 14 days notice of the date of the AGM or any General meeting must be given.
  3. No member, committee member or officer will receive payment for work done on behalf of the committee. Out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed.
  4. A committee shall be elected annually at the A.G.M. by the membership. Any member can stand for election to the committee if nominated by 2 members. In the event that there are more than the required number of nominations to the committee there will be an election by ballot.


15. The Committee shall ensure that it contains representatives of all community organisations who wish to be affiliated and that all parts of the community are adequately represented.

  1. The Committee shall consist of at least 10 an d not more than 20 members, including officers. The Committee has the power to co-opt new members in line with 15 above.
  2. The Committee will elect the following officers:

    (a) Chairperson
    (b) Vice Chairperson
    (c) Secretary
    (d) Treasurer or Joint Treasurers

    18. The Committee shall meet regularly but not less than 9 times a year. Committee meetings shall be held at different locations in the community on a rotating basis.

  3. The Chairperson, or in his/her absence the Vice Chairperson, shall act as Chairperson for the duration of the meeting, provided a quorum has been reached. In the absence of the Chair or Vice-Chair, an Acting Chair may be appointed for the duration of that meeting only and provided that a quorum exists.
  4. A quorum, for the purpose of any properly convened meeting of the Association, shall be 7 of the committee members .
  5. The Minutes shall be kept by the Secretary, who shall enter therein a record of all proceedings and resolutions. Copies of the minutes shall be circulated to the members of the committee as soon as possible after the meeting and approved at the next meeting.

Amendment of the Constitution

22. Any item of this constitution can only be changed by two-thirds majority vote at an Annual or Special General Meeting of which no less than fourteen days notice has been given.


23. The association is a not-for-profit, voluntary organisation. In the event of a dissolution of the association any financial surplus or assets after the discharge of liabilities will be disposed of for the benefit of the community as decided by an Annual or Special General Meeting of the Association.

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